Matlab software

COMSOL ® Multiphysics FEM package

CIVA NDE simulation package

LabVIEW software


XY Scanner

Agilent 4284A Precision LCR Meter

Agilent 4294A Impedance Analyzer

Chroma Programmable AC Source

STAR Cryoelectrics HTS SQUID Magnetometer

SQUID Model 701/53T from Tristan Technologies, Inc.

Impedance precision measurement for small pancake coil inspecting a borehole

Phasec 2D dual frequency eddy current instrument

Olympus NORTEC 600 dual frequency eddy current instrument

Olympus MS-5800 instrument for Eddy Current Testing, Remote Field Testing and Magnetic Flux Leakage of tubes

Olympus Epoch 1000i Series Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Olympus Omniscan MX2 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Olympus VANTA XRF Analyzer

Olympus iPLEX Industrial Endoscope

Various eddy current probes

Various ultrasonic probes