Theodoulidis T., Kriezis E., “Eddy Current Canonical Problems (with applications to nondestructive evaluation)”, TechScience Press, 2006.

In this monograph a number of canonical problems in electromagnetic induction with applications to eddy current nondestructive evaluation are examined. The geometries involve a source in the form of a coil and a conductor in the form of a planar specimen. Analytical methods and scalar potentials are used throughout and emphasis is put on the method of truncated region eigenfunction expansions (TREE). This is a recently applied method and has the capability to greatly extend the class of problems that can be solved analytically. Closed-form expressions are provided for the magnetic field quantities, eddy currents and impedance of coils in axisymmetric and three-dimensional configurations. Original solutions are presented for ferrite-cored coils, coils near edges and arbitrarily shaped coils as well as for coils above cracks. In addition, existing analytical models are reformulated by using the TREE method and a critical examination of the literature in the last 30 years is also performed.

The theory is presented in a self-contained manner, with full attention to the numerical details, so that the interested reader can reproduce and extend the results. In many cases experimental results are also provided to support the theoretical results.

The monograph will be useful to both graduate and undergraduate students, engineers that are interested in understanding the mechanisms of eddy current induction as well as in quantitative results and research people active not only in this particular field but also in electromagnetic theory in general.

Udpa L., Ida N., Bowler J.R, Theodoulidis T., “Modeling of Electromagnetic Testing”, Nondestructive Testing Handbook, third edition: Vol.5, Ch.4, Electromagnetic Testing. Colombus, OH: American Society for Nondestructive Testing, 2004.