Welcome to the MEANDER group, a center of research in the field of eddy current nondestructive evaluation within the Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Western Macedonia, Greece.

Here we do both basic and applied research, eddy current theory and measurements, and we offer eddy current inspection services to the industry. We are also interested in other applications requiring efficient electromagnetic field computations, like power lines and grounding analysis.

In the MEANDER site you can find information on people, facilities, research activities, publications and you can also download reports, data and freeware. We are always eager to study new problems in the field of eddy current testing, do not hesitate to contact us for that matter.
Contact Details
MEANDER Group (Attn. Theodoros Theodoulidis)
University of Western Macedonia
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bakola & Sialvera
50100 Kozani Greece
Telephone: +302461056655
Fax: +302461056601
Email: theodoul @ uowm.gr